Quick Kava Premium

Originators of the water extraction-based instant kava process - Vanuatu Kava Store, is constantly refining our Quick Kava Premium product, which is proven* to be made from only noble kava strains - (a claim not ever seller can make!)  Quick Kava Premium is the easiest way to enjoy "traditional" kava. Simply put a teapsoon of it in a glass of 3-4oz of water, stir for 20 seconds and you have a serving of kava just like at the kava bars in Vanuatu.

As with all of our products "QKP" is made using only Vanuatu Noble variety kava - so please check out our Certificate of Analysis from the latest batch of QKP below. If you are searching to buy instant kava, you will not find a better example than Quick Kava Premium.

* Please check out the Certificate of Analysis for all of our product range at the bottom of each product.


Type: Quick Kava Premium