What type of Kava do we use

The VKS product range can be split into two groups for ease of understanding. The first being the standard kava powder ranges such as Pentecost Pride, Malekula Magic and the Tanna kava blends. The second group is the extract product; Instant Kava. For both of these groups Vanuatu Kava Store uses only:

Kava that is certified by the Vanuatu Agriculture Department as - NOBLE VARIETY KAVA

For all of our product range you will notice a tab below each product that says Certificate of Analysis. Click on that and you will see for each new batch of kava that we receive a C of A is done to be sure that you are not getting inferior tu-dai kava.

There is a reason Vanuatu locals do not drink non noble varieties and that is that they are very low in the "feel good" lactones and will leave you feeling either tired or sick the next day. As well as this, under the Vanuatu Kava Act, it is illegal to export non noble variety kava. Until recently this was hard to enforce, however now that the Vanuatu Govt. has the facilities to run C of A's on kava, Vanuatu Kava Store has been their most prolific customers, always making sure that our products are safe for drinking.

Also adhering to the Vanuatu Kava Act, at Vanuatu Kava Store we ONLY use stump and lateral kava roots in all of our product range.