New to Kava

Kava powder, kava root, mixed kava lateral root powder, kava chocolate, instant kavakava, micronized kava, milled kava, kava cordial, kava cola ….the list of kava products can be almost endless!

With so many products on the market, even experienced kava users and traders have a hard time distinguishing between the various kava products. So it’s no easy task being a kava novice trying to find the right product!

For Kava novices it really comes down to one question that will determine what is the best product for you:

Do you want a quick way to make kava or would you prefer to make your kava using traditional methods that can take up to 30 minutes ?

If your answer is yes I want to make kava quickly in small doses, then our Instant Kava is the best option. Taking no more than 30 seconds to prepare each dose, it really is the easiest way to consume a "real" kava product whose effects you will feel almost immediately- unlike kava tablets or pills. 

If your answer is that yes I would like to prepare my kava in the traditional methods, then our range of Kava Powder products such as Pentecost Pride, Malekula Magic and the Tanna Kava range are products that require traditional preparation methods. In deed a lot of kava purists prefer this method as they feel they can determine the strength of the kava during the preparation method.

If you have any questions about Quick Kava Premium or any of our range of Kava products then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.