Kava - A True Natural Supplement

Kava - a true natural supplement.

Most people are familiar with the terrible side effects of modern medications, so individuals all over the world seek something better. They seek some type of non-chemical, natural remedy that can help them with their health and wellness problems without any side effects or damage caused by long term use. 

Millions of people have jumped on this craze, using natural herbal remedies for nearly every condition imaginable. But there is a problem – most of these remedies have zero scientific validity. Most suffer from any number of the following problems:

• Little Research – Most natural supplements have received little real research, with studies that don’t have a large enough sample size to prove efficient and very little evidence of any long term benefits. Even though studies may exist, they are rarely conducted by major research institutions and often do not have the necessary research protocols to be sufficient. 

• Placebo – Very few of those natural supplements show any benefit beyond that of a placebo. For mental health problems, especially, the power of the placebo can be extremely strong, but the actual benefits in terms of how it affects your body is nearly inexistent. 

• Natural Does Not Mean Safe – There are hundreds of herbs that are entirely natural and organic, but that are still unsafe to take regularly. Far too many people assume that “natural” means “safe,” but without research, you may be consuming something that is actually harming your body.

Herbal supplements are a dime a dozen, and few have shown any real benefits and even fewer have received enough research to ensure they are safe. Just because a researcher claims that something works doesn’t mean they took the time and effort to ensure that all of the necessary work and analysis was completed, or that the research has been replicated by others. Any time you take one of those natural supplements, you risk taking an herb that may have no benefits and could still have side effects. 

That is, of course, except for Kava.

Kava has received extensive research by major universities and research labs all over the world. Kava has been tested for side effects, it has been tested for its chemical properties – it has been tested for everything by real researchers that have ensured their studies have conformed to all proper research specifications. And what did these researchers find?

• Kava has a very real effect, and is able to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

• Kava has zero side effects (provided it is not taken with alcohol).

• Kava is completely safe for long term use.

Real research, not fake science, has shown that kava truly is a completely natural cure, and one that can reduce your anxiety, help you sleep, promote relaxation, all without a single side effect.

Taking Kava as a Way to Reduce Anxiety

While a lot of herbal supplements make wild claims about their efficacy, kava is one of the few that can truly back it up. That makes kava an excellent choice for those trying to manage their anxiety, especially if that anxiety is mild to moderate. 

Prescription drugs dull the mind, and fight anxiety using a euphoric/mind numbing effect that can not only harm your body, but also change your personality. These drugs also have numerous potential long term problems and may cause dependency. They’re effective enough, but they’re effective with an incredible risk to your body and your lifestyle. 

When you need something to help you fight your anxiety in your daily life, it doesn’t make sense to take any of these pharmaceutical/chemical medications. You risk a great deal of side effects for what is otherwise a general mental health issue. Unless your anxiety is physically crippling, so that you can’t get through a single day without severe anxiety attacks, using one of these pharmaceutical grade medications simply doesn’t make sense.

But kava kava does. Kava allows you to manage general anxiety easily, without any side effects, all with a powerful natural root with unparalleled anxiety reduction abilities. You don’t have to worry about the potential changes that the powerful chemical medications are going to do to your body, and instead you can continue to benefit from the same anxiety-fighting herb that Polynesian cultures have been enjoying for years.

Use Kava to Fight Your Anxiety

There are millions of herbal supplements on the market, and nearly all of them either don’t work or have not yet been studied by qualified researchers. Kava is different. It is one of the only natural herbs that can truly benefit your mental health and a great choice for those that need to get a better handle on their own anxiety disorders. When you need to take something to help with your anxiety, kava is easily the best natural choice out there, and it’s not even close.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera suffered from generalized anxiety disorder and wasn’t ready to become dependent on pharmaceutical medications. You can find out more about his experiences at www.calmclinic.com.